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ACL Tear – Don’t Let it Slow You Down

An ACL tear can be a devastating injury for both the high-level athlete, or the occasional recreational weekend warrior.  Left untreated this is an injury that can lead to significant limitations in function including discomfort and pain, a sense of instability and giving out and potentially an early onset of degenerative arthritis in the knee joint. The standard of treatment for ACL tears with current modern approaches is an ACL reconstruction. The surgical approaches, and various method of performing the surgery have advanced significantly over the past two decades making it important that you consult with a Fellowship-Trained Sports Orthopedic Specialist, who can provide you with up-to-date information on the best options for your injury.  The various intricacies of ACL reconstruction involve graft selection, ranging from soft tissue hamstring grafts to bone plug grafts, various fixation methods ranging from screw to buttons, different surgical approaches including some that include minimal incisions and scarring, as well as different rehabilitation techniques and approaches after you surgery.  It is critical that the surgical intervention is customized to the individual based on their age, body type, gender, activity level, functional and sports demands, and long-term projected athletic activity and career goals. When considering these multiple variables it becomes clear why it is important to be evaluated by Fellowships Trained Orthopedic Sports Knee Specialist for the best outcomes.  At Oceana Sports Medicine we take pride in providing cutting edge treatments for ACL injury, with individualized surgical and rehabilitation protocols.  Call us today to schedule a consultation, at 757-821-2095.