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Shoulder Pain – When should you be concerned?

Shoulder pain can be a disabling problem, and can affect people of different ages and occupations. In many cases simple measures like rest, avoiding certain activities, and over-the-counter pain-killer medication can help relieve shoulder pain. In some instance anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy prescribed by your doctor are necessary to improve the symptoms. Sometime shoulder […]

Hip Pain – Can Hip Arthroscopy be of Benefit to You

Hip arthroscopy is a modern,  minimally invasive technique used in the diagnosis and treatment of some painful hip conditions that can limit a person’s ability to have an active and pain-free lifestyle.  Many such conditions affect athletes and active individuals, and can result from injury during sport participation, accidents or overuse.  Often the soft tissue […]

Shoulder Pain & Stiffness – Don’t let it slow you down

Frozen shoulder is common, painful condition that affects the shoulder, but is poorly understood, often misdiagnosed and routinely treated ineffectively. Get the correct diagnosis and treatment the first time around and achieve a pain-free shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Tear – Advances in Treatment

Modern Rotator Cuff Tear Treatments Can result in High Success Rate of Healing

ACL Tear – Do you really need a Fellowship Trained Doctor for your ACL tear?

ACL Tear – Don’t Let it Slow You Down
An ACL tear can be a devastating injury for both the high-level athlete, or the occasional recreational weekend warrior.  Left untreated this is an injury that can lead to significant limitations in function including discomfort and pain, a sense of instability and giving out and potentially an […]