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Is hip pain slowing you down?  Hip Arthroscopy may be the answer…

Hip arthroscopy is a modern,  minimally invasive technique used in the diagnosis and treatment of some painful hip conditions that can limit a person’s ability to have an active and pain-free lifestyle.  Many such conditions affect athletes and active individuals, and can result from injury during sport participation, accidents or overuse.  Often the soft tissue and cartilage structures of the hip joint are injured and lead to pain, and commonly a process known as “impingement” can result from poor fit of the ball of the hip into the socket, which can result in injury to the cartilage structures.  This process can lead to the development of arthritis which can damage the hip joint irreversibly.   With hip arthroscopy these problems can be addressed without the need for major surgery, bleeding, scarring and prolonged recovery.

The procedure is performed through several key-hole incisions through which the arthroscopic surgeon inserts a camera and various specially designed instruments to perform the operation.  This approach provides excellent visualization of the internal structures of the joint without causing damage to the external soft tissues and muscle, and resulting in minimal pain and blood loss.  As a result the procedure can be done on an outpatient setting and allow for quicker return to pain-free activity.

At Oceana Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center we commonly treat the following conditions with hip arthroscopy: labral tears, impingement, loose bodies, snapping hip, abductor tears.   If you are experiencing hip symptoms like painful clicking and catching associated with activity, or are having discomfort with sitting or weakness when walking, you may benefit from an evaluation by the Hip Arthroscopy specialist at Oceana Sports Medicine and Orthopeadic Center.