To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 757-821-2095 Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm or fill out the ONLINE Appointment Request Form

We are happy that you trust our practice with your orthopaedic care. To assist us in providing the most appropriate treatment efficiently, and to eliminate unnecessary delays, please bring the following information to your first visit:

  • Completed patient forms (please PRINT FORMS , and fill out before your visit)
  • Valid photo ID
  • Current insurance card and information, and any co-pay or deductible due
  • Records and provider notes of any previous treatments for this condition
  • Previous imaging studies on a CD or film, with printed radiology reports (X-Rays, CT scans, MRIs, Bone Scans, EMG/nerve conduction studies)
  • Name of referring physician
  • Name of Primary Care Physician
  • Referral for HMO patients (if required)
  • Workman’s Comp referral, claim number and adjustor’s name

We try to do our best to accommodate work schedules, any special circumstances or emergencies, and if needed, may be able to provide same day appointments, for urgent care injuries.

Please review the practice policies below, for specific topics relevant to your visit.

Please note that we may not have access to your imaging studies online. We therefore require that you bring any current and relevant imaging on a CD or film for us to review.

You should also bring the printed radiology reports of any imaging and diagnostic study (MRI & CT, EMG), to facilitate your care. X-Rays are considered current if they were performed after the injury or onset of current condition, and within 3 months of your appointment at our office.

In the event that, at the time of your visit, you do not have available current X-Rays of the treatment area, or your X-Rays are inadequate, or it is determined that additional anatomic areas require imaging, we will need to obtain new X-Rays in order to diagnose and treat your condition appropriately. Alternatively, you can reschedule your visit and return with the appropriate imaging at a later time.

In order to safeguard your personal information and comply with The Fair and Accurate Credit Act of 2003 and the recently enacted Federal Trade Commission “Red Flag” rules, Oceana Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (OSMOC) is required to implement an Identity Theft Prevention Program, requiring a copy of a valid photo ID from each patient, or patient’s guardian, presenting to our office.

If you are unable to provide a valid photo ID, OSMOC cannot bill your insurance company, and you will be required to pay for your visit at the time of service.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause; however, this is a federal regulation with which we must comply. For more information, please visit:

Please ask about insurance coverage when you make your appointment. We participate with various insurance carriers, many PPOs, workers’ compensation carriers, private insurance’s, Medicare, Tricare and selected HMO plans. For contracted insurance plans, we will file a claim with your insurance company for any fees related to care, surgery, or hospital services.We will file claims for all services covered under these plans. You will be asked to pay for any non-covered services, co-payments or deductibles at the time of your visit. For non-contracted insurance plans, we will ask for payment of routine services at the time of your visit.

We do not accept liens for payment of medical services. If you have an accident or injury that may require legal remedy, your visit will be considered self-pay with payment
due at the time of service. Your attorney can then pursue legal remedy for your expenses.

We accept ATM debit cards, cash, personal check, Visa, Master Card, and Discover credit cards.

When you make a payment, you will be given a complete and accurate statement that you may file with your insurance company for reimbursement.If you are unable to make your co-payment for a particular visit, we will be happy to re-schedule your appointment for the earliest convenient date.

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time, we respectfully request that you provide us with 24 hour notice by calling our office at 757- 821-2095, so that your appointment can be given to another patient in need. If you do not notify us of your need to cancel or reschedule, we may bill you $50 for the time you reserved. If you cancel and/or reschedule you appointment three or more times, we will ask that you pay $50 to reserve your next appointment. This prepayment will be applied to any patient responsible balance at the time of your visit.
We believe that the method of resolving disputes by arbitration is one of the fairest systems for both patients and physicians. Arbitration agreements between health care providers and their patients have long been recognized and approved by Virginia courts. Lawsuits are something that no one anticipates and everyone hopes to avoid. By signing our arbitration agreement we are agreeing that any dispute arising out of the medical services you receive is to be resolved in binding arbitration rather than a suit in court.

Our goal is always to provide medical care in such a way as to avoid any such dispute. We know that most problems begin with communication. Therefore, if you have any questions about your care, please ask us.