At Oceana Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center we consider Physical Therapy an integral part of the treatment process for the majority of orthopaedic and sports medicine conditions. Used judiciously, and timed correctly, it can help achieve a good outcome, when coordinated with other modalities like activity modification, oral and injectable medications, or surgery. It can also have undesirable or even harmful effects if not carefully administered and monitored.

Dr. Aboka has extensive expertise in designing physical therapy protocols and schedules, and coordinating the use of physical therapy with other treatment modalities to help you achieve a great outcome. He has very specific and detailed protocols for the various conditions he treats, designed to provide guidance for your physical therapist, during your treatment.

After surgery he will use a customized physical therapy protocol individualized to you, based on your specific situation and the surgical findings, ensuring successful recovery. He will work closely with your physical therapist and get frequent updates on your progress. He expects all physical therapists that treat his patients to call him personally and discuss any issues or concerns that may arise in the course of your care.

Unique physical therapy modalities like Sports Performance Training and Fitness Training are designed for athletes of all ages, to help expedite their return to competition. Occupational therapy is also utilized to help patients return to work and regain the function of injured extremities.