If you are suffering from shoulder arthritis, and need shoulder replacement Virginia Beach now has an innovative treatment option. Read on to learn more about the condition and its treatment.

Shoulder Arthritis and Replacement

The shoulder joint is composed of rounded “ball” at the top of the arm bone (humerus) and a shallow saucer-like socket (glenoid), against which the ball articulates. The articulating surfaces of each of these bones is covered by a smooth gristle-like layer of tissue called “articular cartilage”. This layer allows the bones to glide smoothly over each other during shoulder motion. Arthritis, occurs when this articular cartilage wears away. Although arthritis is typically the result of gradual wear and tear of the cartilage, this process may also result from previous injuries. In addition to the loss of cartilage, arthritis can lead to bone spur development.

Patients typically report deep pain throughout the shoulder, often worse at night and difficulty sleeping. Some patients complain of pain associated with weather changes. The pain is usually worse with certain motions and a grinding sensation and loss of motion is commonly felt as the friction in the shoulder increases.
The diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the shoulder is typically made by a combination of the patient’s history, the findings on physical examination, and x-rays. Sometimes an MRI is needed to exclude an associated rotator cuff tear.
Treatment depends upon the severity of the arthritis and the patients symptoms. Initially non-surgical treatment methods are recommended, including modalities like ice, activity modifications, and medications (such as Tylenol or anti-inflammatory medications).

If these options fail to control the symptoms, cortisone injections into the shoulder may be attempted. If these injections are unsuccessful, shoulder replacement surgery may be recommended. In this surgery, the arthritic surfaces of the bones are removed and replaced with highly durable metal and plastic components, which eliminates the pain.

At Oceana Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, Dr Aboka performs cutting-edge shoulder replacement surgery and reverse shoulder replacement, utilizing the latest in innovative technology and superior implants. This procedure requires a brief hospital stay, and patients usually go home the day after surgery, with significant improvement of their long-standing pain.